Treading forward backward

Once I grew up in a town of magic. It promised me a labour and a striking life to lead. Melodious as it sounds, there is so much in life which must be found. Courteous as I was, I kept heading ahead. All my teenage years, I loved and laughed, with one thought in mind as there was so much in life to be led.

I turned into an adult sooner than I thought, dreams and goals everything looked closer I kept working in spite of a naught. Then I married a woman and got her in my life. Kids we had later, which sooner grew at a speed. Responsible as I became eventually, my life passed so fast. Married my kids are today, even my grandchildren race with me, which obviously I finish last. I am 80 years old today.

OLDLOVEDone? Not yet. Here comes the main story.

There is still some work unfinished yet and My lord  wouldn’t call me up until its complete I bet.

The day it was my 80th birthday I took my old bicycle out. There are hardly any bones left, I thought, it wouldn’t have mattered even if I fall out. That ride it took me to a football playground and it reminded me of my teenage, there I played for an hour or so and it felt so wonderful again. I crossed the corner walking gracefully, and found someone playing poker hand, your guess is right my dear reader, I crashed inside and played with them.

A Sufi sound in the background I heard which provoked my Soul while I played, bringing an incredible thought into my mind. I got up once I finished playing and waved them all a goodbye. 

Evening passed by and I booked a ticket to Miami, all my Daughter asked me was where I was going and whom I was meeting there. I didn’t answer them at all, its a surprise I indicated them a clue. Miami was waiting for me and I reached there safe until the sky was blue.

It was after 55 years later I was seeing my lady love, the one I always wanted to marry, oh yes, she was my first love whose purse I wouldn’t mind to carry. Her husband died a year ago, and she was still alive for me, this I believed so passionately. Hence I took no longer and proposed her the moment I saw her, as this time I couldn’t take a chance. She happily agreed and hugged me, I wish I could describe what that moment meant to me.

We flew in our country soon, and then our wedding ceremony took place that day. Then came the moment when my friends and dear ones turned up and they had so much to say. We laughed, cracked and cried remembering the memories we shared. I married gracefully and all of us celebrated our get together so well. Soon we decided and moved out with all my close friends in another shelter.

Today, we don’t look attractive any more, my wheelchair I enjoy riding,  most of the time which is to and fro. We don’t point at luxuries wishing we had it too. We sing at a karaoke, we prank at each other, we share our stories with grandchildren. Also, we charity, we eat and sleep hopelessly and there is no task left undone, which anyone wished one could do while he was young. Fearless we are today, we do whatever we say. And most importantly, what life might bring us tomorrow, we don’t care at all.  


♥ Living Backward ♥







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