Beautiful stare.



Our college fest is up next week,

we students are so excited

The decorations and arrangements are complete,

our  host have lines properly recited


We all have surrounded ourselves like a crowd,

all our work is done, we certainly feel so proud.


Oh, Dear Lord!

These friends are some gifts you’ve given us,

they make us feel so Happening

they help us forget all our sorrow,

bringing smiles, empowering light over darkening 


The fun went on and so did our work

 after which, I saw someone there

when my friend pointed at a truck,

It was the driver we saw, and he looked very funny

that’s because he was dressed like an amusing bunny


I smiled and laughed as hard as I could,

but then I stopped  for once

when I looked at this guy 

who was hidden under his hood


Far away was he standing,

his chats, his work, his schedule

was he handling.


Looking at him,

My adrenaline rushed at its highest peak,

It was the only guy whom I was dying to speak

This was the third time I saw him during the day,

each time I did, it felt like an ocean slipping into a bay.


We looked at each other and exchanged an awkward stare,

something I tried avoiding but I cant stay without, you dare


I took a glance on him after every 30 seconds

while he was busy with his task

I didn’t wanted to let him know, 

that my eyes had lost all its control so fast


I am not sure if he also did so or not

but this hiding and staring thing went on for a while in a flow


Until, then came a moment,

when our timing got clashed

we both saw each other stare,

our eyes locked quite longer somewhere there,

smile was the only way out to handle the moment, this rare


Bringing an end to the act he moved away from there,

I saw him get away, to which I angrily said,”I don’t care”


I looked down and my grin was gone

when someone behind, whispered to me,

Would you like to have some tea, when the clock hits dawn?





| defeat me if you dare |

Making the most of my day,

In acting all the commitments i say

My dream is like some cream on a cake,

On having tasting it, there wont be any stress to take


On losing though, i shall feel Incomplete for life

Never shall i falter once, letting my distractions take a hike

Hard work to seek, I shall keep learning i swear

Mistakes i wont repeat, In spite of pain i’ll have to bare


Leader is what i aspire to become one day

well, it requires some steps to take

the way small droplets of water changes to a lake

But, my dream ain’t just to settle out there

The ocean there is waiting,  addressing me as its captain,

Defeat me if you dare.